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Rates & Rules 

Meeting My New Lover 


Screening is 100% mandatory and your request for a booking will be denied if you do not pass through my screening process. 

I offer 3 options for screening my new lovers.

Option number one, the easiest and most anonymous, is a reference.

You must provide me with the name and email of another independent and active companion you have met with.

She should be able to tell me about your date and whether you were gentleman.

She must also possess a website or an active twitter page and advertisements.

Option number two is  to connect with me on LinkedIn.

You should have an active and well established LinkedIn account and your identity should be verifiable. You will message me directly on LinkedIn once we connect. 

Option number three is a picture of you holding your government issued ID. Your face should show up clearly in the photo as well as your ID with your name and the expiry date clearly legible on the card. 

If you cannot fulfil one of the screening options and you still wish to meet me, I suggest you book me for either a Virtual Date or one of my specials listed below. 

Should you book a special without screening first; I will meet you on location in a public space and get to know you before we share intimacy.

I reserve the right to cancel the intimacy segment and reimburse you 400 should I feel uncomfortable in your presence. 


1h – A Passionate Escape: 400 roses

90 mins – A Secret Meeting: 550 roses (Preferred)

2h – A Passionate Escape: 700 roses

3h – An intense Engagement: 1000 roses

4h – An Aphrodisiac Dinner Date: 1300 roses

 6h – A Memorable Intimate Liaison: 1800 roses

12h – A Dinner Date& Overnight Stay 2500 roses

24h – An Endless Nuit Blanche Romance: 3500 roses

48h – A Paradise Weekend Getaway for Two: 5000 roses

72h – A Delicate Perfume of an Exotic Vacation: 7500 roses

(Best) 7 days – A Week of Pure Bliss: 10 000 roses

Additional days 1500 roses

Tantra additional 150 roses

Fetish & Kink additional 150 roses


Our Special Dinnerdate @ Bord'elle  – Starting at 700 

DinnerDate specials include three hours of social time plus one hour of intimacy during my daytime schedule for 700 roses.
For a super time dinner date, starting at 7pm we will meet at the restaurant and sharing intimacy during afterhours will be included at a discount - Starting at 800. 
Additional hours of intimacy 300 roses each 


Our Special Spa Excursion @ Bota Bota – Starting at 700 

Union for Two Special includes: a three hour water circuit, a glass of champagne

and 1h of intimacy for 700 roses
Drift for two Special includes: a three hour water circuit, a 60 minutes massage

and 1h of intimacy 850 roses
Foremast for two Special includes: a three hour water circuit, a 60 minute massage, a 3 course meal plus a glass of wine and 1h of intimacy 1000 roses

Spa expenses paid by my lover. 

Additional hours of intimacy 300 roses each. 


Our Shopping Day @ Holt Renfrew Starting at 1400 roses

Shopping days include 4 hours of shopping, three hours of dinner and two hours of intimacy and modelling.

Additional hours of intimacy 300 roses each.

Shopping paid by my lover.

Suggested locations include: Les Cours Mont-Royal, Browns and Il Bolero.

Fly Me To You ✈


Fly me to you or let us visit a warm and exotic location to discover it’s hidden treasures…


Have you been dreaming of being pampered during your next vacation?

Accompanied by your idea of the perfect lady?

Want a date on your arm when you visit your dream destination?

Imagine the places we could go together.

Travel the world with your breath taking redhead. I will liven any conversation at the dinner table and warm your arms softly as we watch the sunset over the horizon. A delicious dinner in Paris, a swim in the turquoise oceans of Fiji, an underwater dive off the coast of Curacao or a romantic evening walk in Santorini, allow me to be your muse, your favourite indulgence.


✈Within Canada; Starting at 2500 roses

(12h) A Dinner and An Overnight Stay

✈International; Starting at 3500 roses
(24h) An Endless Nuit Blanche Romance


*Travel expenses not included.

* Tips and gifts are not necessary, but will always be greatly appreciated


Tuesday to Saturday 12h to 20h

21h to 23h +extra 150$

23h to 24h +extra 300$

Same day bookings are unavailable in most circumstances.

Prebooking Mandatory

Minimum 72h notice for a date on Saturday or Monday

Please note I do not answer my emails on the weekend

Sessions outside of the above listed schedule will require multiple-hour bookings. 

Due to a significant amount of no shows, a deposit is necessary in order to make a appointment with me. 

Your deposit is a guarantee to your commitment to our rendezvous.
For a reimbursement of your deposit, you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance.
Same day rescheduling available in certain circumstances.

Same day cancelations warrant a loss of your deposit. 



Gifts are really not expected but it always makes my day when someone brings me a gift of gets me something from my wish list. What girl doesn’t love having something special to open? 

Gift Time