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Rates & Rules 


Mon- Fri 9am to 9pm

9pm to 11pm Afterhours +200$

11pm to 12am LateNight +350$


Sat - 11am to 7pm *minimum 2h*

Sat - 7pm to 11pm *minimum 3h*

Exceptions possible for Saturday evenings after 11pm for 6h+

Sundays Unavailable Save for Full Weekend Bookings

Booking Etiquette and Details:


Pre-booking Required to Guarantee Availability and a successful Rendezvous.

Same day appointments are rarely available, especially for new clients. They are not only difficult to arrange in terms of screening and first contact, but will also require the reorganization of my schedule. I have a busy life and a full calendar with my jobs, activities, sports and many regulars who plan ahead. The reality is I may not be able to get back to you in time and even if I am, all new clients must be screened appropriately and go through my booking process.

I charge a 200$ rush fee for all same day appointments and will likely not be available for a last minute encounter if we have never met before. Please present yourself and contact me when you develop an interest in booking me at some point in the future. This way we can break the ice right away and get familiar. We can also plan a phone or a video call (videocall prices listed below). Thank you for understanding. 

*Minimum 72h notice is best to guarantee a date on Saturday or Monday*


Please note I do not answer any unscheduled phone calls from new clients, however you may send me a text or an email.

My work phone is mostly closed outside of my scheduled availabilities.

Saturday night to Monday morning and some Friday nights till Monday morning, it can very challenging to reach me. To guarantee your spot for a Weekend or Monday rendezvous please contact me at least 72h in advance.

I offer overnights and weekends which can transgress my standard schedule.


Cancellation Policy and Deposits:

Due to a significant amount of no shows in this industry, a deposit is necessary in order to make a appointment with me. Deposits are 25% of the total tribute up till 6h bookings. Longer bookings require 50% 

Your deposit is a guarantee of your commitment to our rendezvous.

For a reimbursement of your deposit, you must cancel at least 72h hours in advance to allow me to fill your spot. 

With a 48h notice I will accept to reschedule our booking, but will keep the deposit. 

Same day rescheduling available in certain unique circumstances.  

Same day cancelations warrant a loss of your deposit.

Should you wish to reschedule, you will be required to make a new deposit. 

First Contact:

First impressions go a long way and if you want to show me that you are a discreet, classy and kind gentleman whom I would feel comfortable and safe receiving in my home and neighbourhood; do so by filling out my booking form and taking the time to properly introduce yourself.

Send me a little intro about who you are, why you are here, what you are looking for from your ideal provider, where you found my information online (which site?) and what attracted you to my profile. The more candid and respectful you are, the faster you will get a positive response on my part. I am selective. I have many regulars and new encounters are possible but they need to appear to me as an date I would enjoy.

I want to know that you are the kind of person who will know how to fully appreciate everything I have to offer. However, please don't be to nervous. I cater to newbies, individuals with handicaps, persons with intimacy or communicational challenges. Married or single men and individuals who travel a lot for work that don't often get a lot of quality time spent simply on treating themselves to great companionship are the majority or my suitors.  I don't judge and I enjoy the opportunity to help every one of you feel at your ease and safe, just as I wish to feel. 

Options for Screening:

You may provide a reference from another established companion you have met,

a LinkedIn account, a clear picture of you holding your government issued ID or

book a public date with social time from one of my date options.

Customizing a social date followed by intimacy is 100% possible.

Please contact me in advance to discuss your Dream Date. 

Be prepared to place a deposit.

Deposits sometimes accepted as screening. 

Screening and Deposits are Mandatory. 

Thank you for understanding.

Public Dates Specials:

All of these include a limited amount (1h-2h) of private time/intimacy after each activity. 

Additional hours of intimacy are 350$ each

Public Dinner Date specials include:

Three hours of social time at the restaurant and one hour of intimacy in private. (4H total)

Additional hours of intimacy are 350$ each

Most Popular*: Our Public Dinner Date Discovery:

Dinner Dates Ending before 9pm - 825$

Dinner Dates from 6pm to 10pm - 950$

Dinner Dates from 7pm to 11pm - 1025$

Dinner Dates from 8pm to 12am -1175$

Our Special Spa Excursion@ Bota Bota:

Packages for two

(you must book a room at hotel nearby)

Bathe & Taste me includes:

A water circuit, a tasting plate each and 1h of intimacy 

GFE - 775$

Naughty -995$

Greek - 1250$ 

Bathe & Bite me includes:

A water circuit, two plates, a glass of wine each and 1h of intimacy 

GFE - 775$

Naughty -995$

Greek - 1250$

Foodie Drift with me includes:

For 2

A water circuit, a 60 minutes massage or treatment, two plates, a glass of wine and 1h of intimacy

GFE - 875$

Naughty -1095$

Greek - 1350$

Galleon with me includes:


A water circuit, a 90 minute massage, a 60 minutes treatment, two plates, a glass of wine and 1h of intimacy

GFE - 975$

Naughty -1195$

Greek - 1345$


Our Shopping Day:

Shopping days include 4 hours of shopping, three hours of dinner and 1h of intimacy and modelling.

GFE - 1145$

Naughty -1375$

Greek - 1845$


Up to 1h – A Passionate Escape: 450$

90 mins – A Secret Meeting: 625$ (Preferred)

2h – A Dreamy Discovery: 775$

3h – An Intense Engagement: 1100$

4h – An Aphrodisiac Dinner Date: 1425$

 6h – A Memorable Intimate Liaison: 1850$

14h – A Dinner Date& Overnight Stay 3500$

24h – An Endless Nuit Blanche Romance: 7000$

48h – A Paradise Weekend Getaway for Two: 14 000$

72h – A Delicate Perfume of an Exotic Vacation: 20 000$

(Best) 7 days – A Week of Pure Bliss: 45 000$ (additional days 2750$)

Donations for Naughty GFE dates:

Up to 1h – A Naughty Escape: 675$   

90 mins – A Naughty Meeting: 900$ (Preferred)

2h – A Naughty Discovery: 1255$

3h – An Naughty Engagement: 1775$

4h – An Naughty Dinner Date: 2325$

 6h – A Naughty Intimate Liaison: 3200$

14h – A Naughty Dinner Date& Overnight Stay 6150$

24h – An Endless & Naughty Nuit Blanche: 5400$

48h – A Naughty Paradise Getaway for Two: 17 800$

72h – A Naughty Exotic Vacation: 26 200$

(Best) 7 days – A Week of Pure Debauchery: 57 800$ (additional days 3000$)

Donations for Greek:

Up to 1h – A Greek Escape: 900$   

90 mins – A Greek Meeting: 1250$ (Preferred)

2h – A Greek Discovery: 1550$

3h – An Greek Engagement: 2200$

4h – An Greek Dinner Date: 2850$

 6h – A Memorable Greek Liaison: 3700$

14h – A Greek Dinner Date & Overnight Stay: 7000$

24h – An Endless Greek Nuit Blanche Romance: 14 000$

48h – A Greek Paradise Weekend Getaway for Two: 28 000$

72h – A Sensual Greek Exotic Vacation: 40 000$

(Best) 7 days – A Week of Pure Greek Bliss: 90 000$ (additional days 10 000$)


Couples - 200$ more per hour

Additional man - 300$ more per hour per man

Duos - her fee + 100$ additional per hour

Afterhours 9pm to 11pm - 175$ more

Late-night (Wednesdays and Thursdays only) past 11pm - 350$ more 
Late nights must end by 2am

I close my work phone at 9pm


Once your donation is received, a time can be scheduled.


Up to 30 mins - 175$

30- 60 mins - 350$

60-90 mins - 525$

90-120 mins - 700$

each additional hour - 350$

Tantric Massage:

I can offer a full body tantric massage including head, face, feet, hands and center body.

These begin at 90mins and take a total of 2 hours.

These two hours include:

A shower before and after, landing and returning and finally a debriefing of your experience.

Tantric massages available for both females and males.
The experience is not a goal oriented and you may or you may not achieve a or multiple orgasm(s).

The whole experience is a journey through the body and not a destination. It is quite blissful, exciting and stimulating as I will be activating the sexual energy points (also known as Marma points in Ayurveda) of the body and releasing them through deep massage, sensual healing and activating touch.
I remain clothed and do not offer sexual intimacy or allow the energy to flow back in my direction. The whole experience is about you.  I will combine the experience with my knowledge of therapeutic touch and pranayama.

Tantric Massage:  90mins 550$


Full Massage including feet, hands and head or third eye activation as of 2 hours: 

2h 650$

Deepened touch: 

2h30 800$

3h 950$

Misc. Tantric Services​:

I can also include within a GFE a Lingam Massage for a man or Yoni Massage for a woman. 

A tantric massage of the genitals. Not to be confused with jerking off or fingering. This is a much slower and less release driven technique, with the goal of deep relaxation and release of the muscle tissues, skin and fascia of the genitalia. This type of massage has many beneficial effects on the body including a delightful release of endorphins and orgasmic fluids. 

You are, of course, encouraged to be multi-orgasmic, should it be one of your desires.

If you have never been, I can teach you how. 

I can also teach you how to make women squirt and give a Yoni Massage


It is a very pleasurable experience that focuses on embodiment, presence and pleasure.

This experience is offered as an extra in combination with a GFE encounter.

1 hour 550$

90mins 725$

2 hours 875$

3 hours 1175$

Extended meetings and public encounters TBD. 

Fetish & Kink:

I am a retired Foot Fetish Girl and Professional Dominatrix of over a decade.

Foot Fetish+:


For three years I focused exclusively on Foot Fetish, Socks, Pantyhose and Leg worship, offering many Foot Jobs along the way.

I am more then happy to cater to your appreciation of feet or any of these variations.

This experience is offered as an extra in combination with a GFE encounter - 150$



I have decided to move on from owning and disciplining slaves full time to focus on intimacy and building heart body connections with my lovers in this new phase of my life, as a mature woman in her 30's.

However, I am and will always be a kinkster at heart as I love to play.

I am a versed, experienced and active kinkster. I can sometimes switch if I trust a lover to properly take the lead.

I have a lot to offer in the kink and bdsm realms. So much so that this paragraph will eventually have it's own page and I will post some of my old persona's content. *coming soon*


Safe to say that I have tones of kinky clothing, toys and a very skilled hand. If any of you are curious about exploring the realms of pain + pleasure my whole approach was to be a sensual sadist, bridging the gap between sensual domination and light to medium level masochism and submission. 

I am still available for full blown domination sessions but I no longer own a dungeon and require you to cover the rental fee of the dungeon should we require a well equipped space to play and create a scene.

My favourite activities are: spanking and whips, NT, CBT and CBB, wax play, strap-on and to have my slaves worship my body in various ways and serve me for my pleasure.


I have a lot of experience and skill.


I was trained by a strict leather domme of renowned lineage. Please be aware that a domination session is a sacred thing to me and any slave wishing to feel my years of expertise and experience should not be seeking a thrill or a sexual encounter. Rather to fully submit heart, body and soul to my desires and rule. 

Slaves should consider themselves lucky to be in my presence. I offer all forms of S&M and BDSM.

My limits are no blood, no scat and no full service during domination sessions.

All full blown domination sessions will require a minimum of 90mins of my time.

This includes: a shower, a pre-negotiation of all scenes, a collaring ritual, a debriefing and aftercare to come gently out of sub-space and back into yourself before sending you on your way.


I will dress in full latex, vinyl or leather attire and you will address me as Goddess at all times should you contact me for this.​ Domination sessions do not include sex. 

1 hour 500$

2 hours - 850$

3 hours 1100$

Extended meetings and public encounters TBD. 


I do not, at this time, offer hybrids of these different kinds of encounters. However, I am open to including some light and playful explorations of kink in a naughty GFE encounter. What that will look like will depend on my comfort level with each lover and I will not make any promises ahead of time.


If you want to have a naughty GFE encounter and might be interested in a little play, contact me with the exact details of what you want and I'll let you know what is possible.



Throughout my career I have ventured into many different sexual arts. 

I am what you would call a "sexpert" with knowledge of sexuality, fetish, bdsm and the tantric arts.

I offer workshops and teach on many subjects including the wheel of consent, healthy understanding of the dynamics of giving / receiving and taking / allowing. Communication, the ability to discover and understand one's desires, fears and boundaries and learning how to name them.

I wish to help you discover the full potential of your own sexual energy and power as a divine human being on this earth that is here to have pleasure!

Furthermore, I teach the art of Sexual Kung-Fu. Becoming multi-orgasmic as a modern-day man. 

To become better lovers and happier, healthier men; it is essential that men learn to become multi-orgasmic and use their sexual life-force energy to it's full ecstatic potential; for creativity, pleasure, happiness, self-development and growth.

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