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My phone's touch screen needs repairs. Waterproof? Not so much!

Ayayayayyy I went boating this past weekend and my phone spend some time in my backpack with water in it (I thought it was dry) and since then has been broken. I put it in a bowl of rice for 72 hours and was able to charge it again (yay!) but the touch screen isn't responding and I can't do anything. I see that I received messages but I can't respond to them or unlock my phone. Today I switched the SIM card with my personal phone and I will try and get it repaired asap. In the meantime I seem to be missing contact requests, messages and possible bookings?!

My neighbour told me someone was looking for me this evening when I was out walking my dog. Yikes! I will make it up to all of you as soon as possible. You can all reach me through my website chat as I can access it from either phone and my laptop and iPad.

I hope you all forgive me :) I still have plenty of availability since I haven't been able to respond to my messages this week. Contact me through my site or email to plan our next date!

This is me modelling at Salon de L'amour et de la Seduction about 5 years ago.

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